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Uploading your website with FTP

File Tranfer Protocol (FTP) is the Drummer Boy Hosting recommended way of transferring files from your computer to our server. FTP is widely used in the industry and is the preferred method of transferring files via the internet.

General FTP information

4 things are needed to transfer your site from your computer to our server:


  1. Domain name or IP Address, which will be used in the "FTP address" field.
    • for our servers your FTP address will always be: Note that this format will not work until your domain name has fully propagated. 
  2. Username, will be the same as cPanel or the FTP account created.
    • If you need to retrieve this information, please start a new chat at the main site.
  3. Password, will be the password we sent you in our welcome email: This is also the same password for your cPanel.
  4. Port, is usually port 21. (Default in our servers is port 21).

We highly recommend using Filezilla to transfer your site. It's free and works like a charm! Download it here.

Setting up Filezilla

When you set up filezilla make sure you the four items mentioned at the begining of this article.


  1. Open Filezilla on your computer
  2. Once open, click File > Site manager or press CTRL + S on your keyboard
  3. Click New Site
  4. You should see the form with blank fields next to the sites list. Under "Host" enter the FTP domain. Ex:
  5. Under Port--enter 21
  6. Leave everything in this top section the as is
  7. Under Logon Type choose Normal
  8. Under User enter your cPanel username
  9. Under Password enter your cPanel password
  10. Once finished click connect
You are finished all files and folders belonging to your site on our servers should be stored under the public_html folder.

Hope this article has been helpful--if you need further assitance, please chat with us live on our main site.

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