Piano Teachers in Blue Bell, PA

If you are looking for great piano teachers in Blue Bell, PA, we’d absolutely love to introduce you to our great friends at the Wissahickon School of Music. This organization is spearheaded by a very talented and passionate music instructor: Richard L. Seifert. Richard is a good friend of Drummer Boy Hosting and we highly recommend him for beginners and advanced piano players looking to sharpen their skills.

If you are interested in piano teachers in Blue Bell, PA. Contact The Wissahickon School of Music Today!

Pope Francis On Our Favorite Friday Video

What an absolute beauty we have today, if this doesn’t move your heart, you may need a check up!

God blessed us with a Pope that can express a thousand words, without even uttering a single syllable. Enjoy!

Amazing Human Ingenuity – Let’s Make The Majority Of These Catholic!

Announcing a new series for us, “Favorite Friday Video”. Every Friday, we will be posting our favorite video of the week. If you have any suggestions, contact us and let us know which video you want to see! If we like it, we’ll be sure to give you a shout out and a link back to your blog/website!

This one is amazing! Hope you guys like it!