• Happy Mothers Day!

    Posted on 2020-05-10 by Atlante Avila
    Happy Mothers Day! My Post 5 150x150

    “Among all the earthly blessings which have been bestowed upon us, it is difficult to find one that compares with motherhood.” – President Calvin Coolidge. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world! Happy Mother’s Day to the most blessed mother every, Mama Mary! We pray for you all daily, today we pray extra […]

  • Memorializing St. Peter Chanel

    Posted on 2020-04-28 by Atlante Avila
    Memorializing St. Peter Chanel st peter chanel 150x150

    Today we memorialize St. Peter Chanel. He was the first martyr of Oceania and its patron saint. He braved the worst of human nature to spread the good news of Christ, we are encouraged to be as brave and filled with spirit as he was for Christ’s greater glory. He was killed by the chief […]

  • Praying with Pope Francis for the end of the covid19 crisis in our world.

    Posted on 2020-04-16 by Atlante Avila
    Praying with Pope Francis for the end of the covid19 crisis in our world. sculpture museum shadows god maria reflexive pieta miguel angel t20 P3rY1r 1 150x150

    We are definitely with you here at drummerboyhosting.com. We want this crisis to end. We are striving for the light at the end of the tunnel. Let us pray to along with Pope Francis to end the crisis and we lift up our sufferings to Christ. Below is the prayer as found on the prayer […]

  • The Power of Christ and His Effect on Sin

    Posted on 2014-09-11 by Atlante Avila

    We honor this country today and if today should help us think about anything it should be about sin in our lives. Tragically 13 years ago life tragically ended for nearly 3,000 souls. What was their state of grace at the time of death? We encourage all to view life as a gift and remember […]

  • Super Soccer Skills!

    Posted on 2014-09-08 by Atlante Avila

    We love soccer here at Drummer Boy Hosting. We had a ton of fun at World Cup parties we hosted and attended. We love it because of it’s ability to unify the world and celebrate humanities amazing abilities. For today’s blog we’re posting some amazing women with tremendous skills. Much more skills than I ever […]

  • This looks like an amazing movie! ‘When the Game Stands Tall’

    Posted on 2014-08-23 by Atlante Avila

    This looks like a really good and inspirational movie! Love it! View on youtube!

  • SEO Link Building Book Contest

    Posted on 2014-01-08 by Atlante Avila

    SEO is incredibly important–Link building is about the most important aspect of SEO campaigns. Here’s a great book on Search Engine Optimization. If you want it, let us know, comment on this post and we’ll select a winner! Good luck! http://www.linkbuildingbook.com/ Disclaimer: We’re posting this on Google+, Twitter and Facebook also, we’ll only choose one […]

  • Welcome our latest web design customers!

    Posted on 2013-12-13 by Atlante Avila

    Welcome our newest web design customers! http://TidyTims.net. They are really happy with our services–hope we can get your opinions on the site! God bless!

  • Back to blogging!

    Atlante Avila
    Back to blogging! large logo icon only 150x150

    Oh Boy has 2013 been an amazing year! Our blog section has been neglected due to how busy it’s been here at DBH. But now that we’ve got everything under control, we’re coming back! Our goal is to keep this blog up and running for constantly. We’ll try our hardest to keep up the good […]

  • Mother Dolores Hart Favorite Friday Video

    Posted on 2013-06-13 by Atlante Avila

    What a beautiful life. Mother Dolores Hart went from Hollywood Starlet or better yet star to the monastery! Praise God for a beautiful life and witness! Enjoy!

  • Win a copy of the chart topping nuns!

    Posted on 2013-06-07 by Atlante Avila

    This week on our favorite videos we are pairing it with a contest! To win this contest all you have to do is post a comment, after posting a comment, tweet this post and we will choose at random three very lucky winners whose life will be blessed by the beautiful music of these amazingly […]

  • Waukesha Home Cleaning Services

    Posted on 2013-06-04 by Atlante Avila

    For those of you in the Milwaukee area looking for an excellent cleaning services, we’d love to introduce to you what we feel is the absolute best Waukesha home cleaning services Tidy Tim’s LLC is an organization owned by our good friend Tim Denno. Their cleaning services at the time of this post are being offered […]

  • Piano Teachers in Blue Bell, PA

    Posted on 2013-04-21 by Atlante Avila

    If you are looking for great piano teachers in Blue Bell, PA, we’d absolutely love to introduce you to our great friends at the Wissahickon School of Music. This organization is spearheaded by a very talented and passionate music instructor: Richard L. Seifert. Richard is a good friend of Drummer Boy Hosting and we highly […]

  • Pope Francis On Our Favorite Friday Video

    Posted on 2013-04-12 by Atlante Avila

    What an absolute beauty we have today, if this doesn’t move your heart, you may need a check up! God blessed us with a Pope that can express a thousand words, without even uttering a single syllable. Enjoy!

  • Amazing Human Ingenuity – Let’s Make The Majority Of These Catholic!

    Posted on 2013-04-05 by Atlante Avila

    Announcing a new series for us, “Favorite Friday Video”. Every Friday, we will be posting our favorite video of the week. If you have any suggestions, contact us and let us know which video you want to see! If we like it, we’ll be sure to give you a shout out and a link back […]

  • Learn WordPress: Navigation Menus

    Posted on 2013-03-27 by Atlante Avila

    Here you will learn how to use custom menus. Most themes out there allow you to display menus. WordPress not only allows you to display your menus, but it allows you to have full control of your menus by arranging them exactly how you want them to appear. Enjoy this video that will allow you […]

  • You are also the (digital) body of Christ

    Posted on 2013-03-25 by Atlante Avila

    It is encouraging to see that the Church has come a long ways in the digital age–granted, we call her out for being so outdated, but the wheels are turning and we are making grounds and gaining a larger following! The Church has always been at the fore front of new media battles, God has […]

  • Top Ten Blogs To Learn How To Use Twitter For Your Business

    Posted on 2013-03-19 by Atlante Avila

    Twitter is an indispensable tool for “social media marketing”. Here we’ve identified 25 of the most useful blogs out there that help light the way on this dark and endless road that we call social media. These blogs will be useful to you whether you just created your Twitter account and have no idea what to do with it […]

  • Habemus Papam Franciscum

    Posted on 2013-03-18 by Atlante Avila

    Our great friends at Catholic Vote have created another amazing video celebrating the election of Pope Francis.Habemus Papam! His name is Franceso I. Enjoy!

  • Merry Christmas From Drummer Boy Hosting

    Posted on 2012-12-25 by Atlante Avila

    Valued customers, We would like to take this very special time of the year to thank you for being a Drummer Boy Hosting customer! We would like to wish you a very happy and blessed Christmas. We hope that God’s peace and his presence is with you today and always. May God bless you and […]

  • How can a website help my church?

    Posted on 2012-11-15 by Atlante Avila

    According to Pope Benedict XVI, Catholics should embrace the new media and help evangelize the digital continent. Both for you and your parishioners, here’s why we think your church should have a website. The days of the yellow pages are gone! When people are searching for a church they take to the search engines, as […]

  • Prayer For Our Beautiful Country

    Posted on 2012-11-05 by Atlante Avila

    A beautiful video by our friends over at CatholicVote.org. Drummer Boy Hosting proudly announces it’s endorsement of the next President of the United States of America: Mitt Romney. We ask that you support him and give him your vote to help us protect life, religious liberty and get our economy back on track. God bless […]

  • Vatican Announces Plenary Indulgence for Year of Faith

    Posted on 2012-10-08 by Atlante Avila

    I love when the Vatican decrees things to get people thinking about coming back to the Catholic church. Pope Benedict XVI is to grant the faithful a Plenary Indulgence for the occasion of the Year of Faith. Read the full article at the National Catholic Register.

  • Learn WordPress: Pages

    Posted on 2012-09-23 by Atlante Avila

    Continuing the video series on WordPress, here we present 3 videos on how to create and update pages inside of the WordPress back-end. Please remember to share with friends and neighbors that you think would benefit from this video series! [wpmudev-video group=”pages” show_title=”1″]

  • Drummer Boy Hosting WordPress Video Series

    Posted on 2012-09-22 by Atlante Avila

    Hey, have you noticed that we really like WordPress around here? Not yet? Well this post will make it official! Here at Drummer Boy Hosting WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) of choice. If you want the simplest most robust and effective CMS for your Parish, Ministry or Business–you will find it in WordPress. Why? […]

  • Learn About The WordPress Posts

    Atlante Avila

    Continuing the video series on WordPress, here we present 3 videos on how to create and update posts inside of the WordPress back-end. Please remember to share this video series with your friends and neighbors that you think would benefit from this video series! videos removed. Sorry about that!

  • Learn about the WordPress Dashboard

    Posted on 2012-09-21 by Atlante Avila

    Below you will find a list of 4 videos that will help you get more familiar with WordPress’ dashboard. If you need more help with learning how WordPress can help your Parish, Ministry or Business, we invite you to chat live with us so we can answer any of your questions! [lightbox type=”iframe” full=”https://drummerboyhosting.com/live-chat/index.php?p=start&lang=en” title=”Chat […]

  • U.S. Bishops Launch Spanish-Language Facebook Page

    Posted on 2012-09-18 by Atlante Avila

    Social Media Initiative Part of Effort to Reach Hispanic Catholics WASHINGTON, D.C., SEPT. 18, 2012 (Zenit.org).- The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has launched a Spanish-language page on the social-networking site Facebook. The initiative is part of an effort by the USCCB to effectively reach Hispanic and Spanish-speaking Catholics. The page, will feature a […]

  • May we never forget

    Posted on 2012-09-11 by Atlante Avila

    May we never forget that on 9/11/2001 our beautiful country experienced a cowardly and horrific attack. We here at Drummer Boy Hosting would like to offer our prayer intentions for our fellow neighbors who lost their lives on 9/11’s attacks. We also offer our prayers to the surviving families. We pray that God may keep […]

  • Sad news for children worldwide

    Posted on 2012-09-05 by Atlante Avila

    On September 5th Zenit.org reports that on August 28 the European Court of Human Rights declared that access to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) must be allowed. The court decision dealt with the Italian Law 40/2004. The case of Rosetta Costa and Walter Pavan v. Italy regarded a married couple who were both carriers of cystic fibrosis who wished […]

  • Cardinal Dolan’s prayer at the republican national convention

    Posted on 2012-09-04 by Atlante Avila

    I was very impressed with Republican’s outreach to the religious leadership that they brought out to their convention to invoke God’s help and mercy for our nation. I was dissapointed that they had not brought out a Catholic and lo and behold, out pops Cardinal Dolan of New York to close the RNC’s National Convention. […]

  • HTML5 the future is now here!

    Posted on 2012-08-23 by Atlante Avila

    It’s pretty clear that the church is pretty behind on utilizing the new media successfully  and efficiently. I would venture to say that most parishes haven’t updated their website since the early 2000s and since these early days, there have been some major changes in HTML and CSS that will allow the church to take […]

  • Why Choose Catholic Web Hosting?

    Posted on 2012-08-22 by Atlante Avila

    There are literally thousands of different web site hosting and design firms in the world. In this vast ocean of choices, you will find some that are truly amazing, and as in the perilous ocean, some can be a nightmare. Choosing your web host is a very important decision for your ministry. This is a […]

  • Catholic Web Hosting Clean Servers Promise

    Posted on 2012-03-14 by Atlante Avila

    As a devout Catholic organization, we strongly encourage the use of the internet for the greater good of both man and God. Therefore we promise never to host and aid in the distribution of content that is objectionable to our moral beliefs as set forth by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Should we find […]