• HTML5 the future is now here!

    Posted on 2012-08-23 by Atlante Avila

    It’s pretty clear that the church is pretty behind on utilizing the new media successfully  and efficiently. I would venture to say that most parishes haven’t updated their website since the early 2000s and since these early days, there have been some major changes in HTML and CSS that will allow the church to take clear advantage of and finally not only get in the game, but push ahead and be leaders in this all important medium.

    There have been some major changes in HTML and CSS that will allow the church to take clear advantage of and finally not only get in the game, but push ahead and be leaders in this all important medium.

    HTML5 is not set to officially be the norm until 2022, but thanks to the growing popularity of modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Ap ple’s Safari, it is possible to code a website in HTML5 and CSS3 today! This is a guide of today’s coding standards and the things you will be able to do with your website. Drummer Boy Hosting is focusing on creating all future websites with HTML5 and CSS3.

    What is the difference between HTML5 and Web2.0?

    Below is a small list of things HTML5 will better than standard Web2.0 sites:
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    • Offline Storage: This is a special cookie that allows you to store large amounts of data making it much more functional than plain old cookies.
    • Canvas drawing: Basically, you will be able to create content that moves without the need of expensive software like Adobe’s Flash
    • Native video and audio streaming support: Creating a video player with pure HTML5 code will be easy and play back across all web platforms, both windows and apple products!
    • Geolocation: HTML5 can find your location and use it to tailor things like tag your Twitter and Facebook updates, and more.
    • Smarter forms: Coders will have a much easier using forms and interacting with them in HTML5. This is a major and great improvement!
    • Web application focus: Creating features such as drag and drop tools and using modern web elements into any site, and have them work the same across browsers.


    These are just some of the upgrades HTML5 brings, but let’s get to the end result–how can the church use this technology?

    HTML5 and the Church

    This is it! Our opportunity to get up to date and stay up to date with the web! Here are four ways that the Church can take advantage of HTML5 in their websites today:

    [accordion_content title=”Inspire via audio or video” title_size=”h4″]Create a weekly and or even daily update to your parishioners or clients. Today’s young adults and youth love video. Statistics show that sites that contain original video are more likely to gather a following. Take advantage of this medium, make your knowledge of what people want/need a major goal for your website.[/accordion_content]

    [accordion_content title=”Create an interactive learning tool” title_size=”h4″]Website interaction is key to the survival, popularity and success of any website. Users love tools that teach them and why not make them a beautiful presentation using HTML5 and CSS3. Here is an examples that I’ve created for you! History of the Church[/accordion_content]

    [accordion_content title=”Use geo location to help parishioners or clients find you” title_size=”h4″]Create a map with your location that automatically detects where the user is and the fastest path to find you. A beautiful example of this is in this contact form. Available for your purchase here.[/accordion_content]

    [accordion_content title=”Use web forms that allow you to connect” title_size=”h4″]Again, back to interaction. Your website visitors love to interact with your tools, think of fun and creative ways to use the web forms of HTML5–perhaps a nice catholic drag and drop quiz or even a poll. (examples are coming soon).[/accordion_content]

    In conclusion, let the development of HTML5 be your inspiration to reach out to your parishioners, clients or target market. This is the time for the church to enact on the call to a new evangelization in this new and beautiful medium.