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Drummer Boy Hosting can take your website to the next level! Whether you’re a parish, a ministry, non-profit or a business. We have you covered in the online front!

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Our four-step process

Building a website doesn’t have to be a painstaking process, when you have the right team behind you, the process will be smooth and easy! Here at Drummer Boy Hosting we take a proven 4 step process to create a website that is aesthetically beautiful, easy to use and navigate, and will accurately represent your organization to the digital continent. Below you will find the 4 steps we use and detailed information following.


The discovery phase is a series of special meetings designed to get the most information that will allow us to properly construct your website exactly how you envision it. This phase is probably the most crucial step in the entire process because this step will guide our every decision.

In these meetings, you will be asked a series of questions aimed at getting the most out of your mind into our creative process.


The design process is where you get a visual of the entire discovery process. This is where we take our years of experience to properly layout your website and to incorporate what we’ve gathered from our discovery phase. All elements on a website have a purpose, and we’ve mastered the art of web design to ensure an aesthetically pleasing website and one that is functional and keeps your target audience’s attention.


Development is probably the most time-consuming part of website design but for good reason. We need to ensure your website will display properly in every browser. Every website we design comes with the option to make it responsive. This means that your website will adapt to look great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Each device will see your site like it was designed specifically for the device it is being browsed by.

The site will look exactly how it’s been laid out and presented to you in the design process.


Once all steps have been completed, we’re set to go live. At your approval, we launch the site and make it accessible to the public at large.

Our four-step process is simple and effective and will ensure a properly developed and designed website for your specific needs.

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