Welcome, learn more About Drummer Boy Hosting. A catholic web hosting company.

Who are we?

Drummer Boy Hosting was founded in 2006 by Atlante and Leyla Avila. A husband and wife team who got an interest in web design when putting together their wedding website. Quickly their passion for web design and development grew in to a business potential and the end result was Drummer Boy Hosting. Our mission was to help small businesses and non-profit organizations obtain an online presence and aid in expanding their organizations and missions.”

What’s in the name?

Drummer Boy Hosting was chosen directly from the beautiful Christmas song The Little Drummer Boy. The thought of using our talents to help glorify Christ is a big part of Drummer Boy Hosting’s mission. The owners are devout Catholics and know that a big part of their life’s mission is to help Catholic organizations obtain an online presence. To help answer the call that the late great Pope John Paul the II gave to Catholics worldwide: “we must spring a new evangelization.”

A big THANK YOU is in order!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our organization! We hope you will entrust us with every aspect of your online needs! Our goal is to make a happy customer out of you, not only to gain a satisfied customer, but a new member to our family!