• How can a website help my church?

    Posted on 2012-11-15 by Atlante Avila

    According to Pope Benedict XVI, Catholics should embrace the new media and help evangelize the digital continent. Both for you and your parishioners, here’s why we think your church should have a website.

    The days of the yellow pages are gone! When people are searching for a church they take to the search engines, as nothing we do nowadays can escape the clutches of the internet. Your parish website can increase the chance that those searching online will find your parish – take advantage of good SEO and the local Search Engine Results Page to boost your online evangelization.

    Creating a website can also be used as a tool to tighten a community. Your church website can allow your parishioners to interact with each other, get to know the pastor, priest and staff. There’s no need for churchgoers to stop being a community outside of the church, and having a website at their disposal will definitely help.

    A site can be used to organize church events so that people are well informed, ahead of time. Using a website, you can also let your parishioners know where you stand on issues important to the Catholic community and help promote Catholic values.

    A church website is an opportunity to teach and learn. You can use your website to start an online ministry for Catholic apologetics, deeper bible learning, online video presentations and even audio recordings.

    Donations can be streamlined. The majority of young adults are extremely invested in the digital world, so giving them an option to donate online can increase your churches revenues. Also, a donation page can be set up 24/7, and transactions can be made extremely safe via PayPal or other payment processors.
    Keep better parishioner information. Move your database to the internet! It’s time the Catholic Church joins the digital continent and enter the 21st century!
    Have you ever heard of the old saying “out of sight, out of mind”? If your church doesn’t have a website people are more likely to forget about its importance – and people are online all the time nowadays. Show your interest by creating a website for your church!

    Drummer Boy Hosting’s website design services is a great way to create your parish website, we are truly committed to helping parishes worldwide attain an online presence. Because we’re really committed to ensuring your success, Drummer Boy Hosting has developed the world’s quickest, cheapest, most professional, and full-featured church websites using WordPress and the ever growing knowledge that we hold. We believe that every church in the world deserves an outstanding website–and for a limited time, we’re going to give 25 parishes a 60% discount!

    To qualify for the 60% discount your parish must either not have a website at all, or your website must be seriously outdated. How do we determine that a site is outdated? If it was built more than 3years ago or using tables and has no Content Management System (CMS) you should seriously consider an update. So take advantage of our offer today! Call us toll free at 888-373-6111 or email us using our contact form.

    With the internet being a part of our everyday lives, we shouldn’t fear or hate it. Remember, the internet is made up of people, so reaching out to those people is the best option we have of getting our point across. So if you want your local church to reach thousands via the internet contact us today and we can help you achieve that goal!