• Hosanna in the Highest

    Posted on 2024-03-24 by Atlante Avila
    hosanna in the highest Hosanna in the Highest Christ Palm Sunday 150x150

    This Palm Sunday, we are reminded of the momentous day when Jesus entered Jerusalem, and the crowds greeted Him with shouts of “Hosanna in the highest!” This exclamation, a declaration of praise and a plea for salvation, is as relevant today as it was two thousand years ago.

    In the spirit of Palm Sunday, let us reflect on what it means to welcome Christ into our lives. “Hosanna in the highest” signifies a recognition of Jesus as our King and Savior, an acknowledgment of His sovereignty over our lives. It’s a call for the Lord to save us, and a celebration of the salvation He brings.

    As we wave our palm branches, whether literally or figuratively, we join in the same proclamation of those who witnessed Jesus’s humble yet triumphant entry. It is a call to each of us to open the gates of our hearts and let the King of glory enter. The humility of Jesus riding on a donkey contrasts with the power and majesty often associated with kingship. Yet, in this humility lies the true power of Christ the King – a power manifested in service, sacrifice, and unconditional love.

    On Drummer Boy Hosting, as we serve Catholic parishes, ministries, and business owners, let us embody the humility and service of Christ. As we facilitate the digital presence of these entities, we’re in a way, laying down digital “palms” before them, enabling them to proclaim their message of hope and faith online. In doing so, we help echo the “Hosannas” of our modern world, helping spread the good news to all corners of the earth.

    This Palm Sunday may we all find ways to let Christ reign in our personal lives, our communities, and our work. May our shouts of “Hosanna” not only be a cry for help but also a shout of joy for the salvation that is already ours through Christ our Lord. Let this image attached to your reflection be a visual hymn, inviting everyone to pause, reflect, and rejoice in the coming of our King, Jesus Christ.

    May your Palm Sunday be blessed and may the peace of Christ, our King, be with you always.

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