• Why Choose Catholic Web Hosting?

    Posted on 2012-08-22 by Atlante Avila

    There are literally thousands of different web site hosting and design firms in the world. In this vast ocean of choices, you will find some that are truly amazing, and as in the perilous ocean, some can be a nightmare. Choosing your web host is a very important decision for your ministry. This is a guide to choosing the right web site hosting company. As a shameless plug, this is also a guide to highlight our strengths and help you decide whether we are the right choice for you. Trust us… we are!

    It is our mission to help the Church become a force in the inter-webs.

    The Basics

    Some of the top reasons you should pick the right host include the very basics: Server reliability (a.k.a Uptime), Customer Support and Server Side Features, e.g., Control Panel ease of use, Email Functionality, and PHP versions.  We believe that you deserve more than the basics. You deserve to receive more value for the trust, time, and money that you invest on a web hosting company. Here are top five factors that sets apart Drummer Boy Hosting, a Catholic Based Web Hosting Company:

    [accordion_content title=”5. We Hold Your Moral Values ” title_size=”h4″]We are committed to the teachings of the Catholic Church. We absolutely do not promote pornography, contraception, and abortion.[/accordion_content]
    [accordion_content title=”4. We Share a Big Interest in Helping Your Ministry Grow!” title_size=”h4″]Not only are we dedicated to giving you excellent customer service, we are even more committed to helping you reach your vision and fulfill your mission.[/accordion_content]
    [accordion_content title=”3. You Help Support Our Mission” title_size=”h4″]We are here to help pave the way for the Church to move forward with the new media and digital age. It is our mission to help the Church become a strong influential force in the inter-webs.[/accordion_content]
    [accordion_content title=”2. You Support Parishes in the U.S.A. and Worldwide” title_size=”h4″]By choosing Drummer Boy Hosting, you are also helping parishes worldwide. When we reach our goal of 2400 hosted accounts, we will begin a new ministry that will offer free website design and development for Catholic Churches worldwide! We wish this is the case now, but until that goal is met, bills have to be paid. In order for us to achieve this goal, we must have a solid monetary foundation to ensure we can employ the right staff and make our vision a reality! 2400 customers? With God’s Grace, everything is impossible![/accordion_content]
    [accordion_content title=”1. You Expand Your Knowledge of Online Ministry” title_size=”h4″]By choosing us, you will be able to grow your online ministry and become more knowledgeable in maximizing the power of the web. You will become instrumental in promoting the call of Pope John Paul the II and Pope Benedict the XVI in using the new media and digital age for God’s Greater Glory![/accordion_content]