We honor this country today and if today should help us think about anything it should be about sin in our lives. Tragically 13 years ago life tragically ended for nearly 3,000 souls. What was their state of grace at the time of death? We encourage all to view life as a gift and remember that it can end at any moment. Sin is in all of us but Christ has a power over sin that has always been a wonderful gift. This video posted by “I Love My Catholic Faith” shows that in a very unique way.


We love soccer here at Drummer Boy Hosting. We had a ton of fun at World Cup parties we hosted and attended. We love it because of it’s ability to unify the world and celebrate humanities amazing abilities. For today’s blog we’re posting some amazing women with tremendous skills. Much more skills than I ever possessed as a young soccer player!


Win a copy of the chart topping nuns!

This week on our favorite videos we are pairing it with a contest! To win this contest all you have to do is post a comment, after posting a comment, tweet this post and we will choose at random three very lucky winners whose life will be blessed by the beautiful music of these amazingly talented nuns.

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Prayer For Our Beautiful Country

A beautiful video by our friends over at CatholicVote.org. Drummer Boy Hosting proudly announces it’s endorsement of the next President of the United States of America: Mitt Romney.

We ask that you support him and give him your vote to help us protect life, religious liberty and get our economy back on track. God bless you and please vote responsibly!

In Christ,

Atlante Avila

Vatican Announces Plenary Indulgence for Year of Faith

I love when the Vatican decrees things to get people thinking about coming back to the Catholic church. Pope Benedict XVI is to grant the faithful a Plenary Indulgence for the occasion of the Year of Faith. Read the full article at the National Catholic Register.

May we never forget

May we never forget that on 9/11/2001 our beautiful country experienced a cowardly and horrific attack. We here at Drummer Boy Hosting would like to offer our prayer intentions for our fellow neighbors who lost their lives on 9/11’s attacks. We also offer our prayers to the surviving families. We pray that God may keep this country safe, that our soldiers are kept safe and that the world may never see such an attack ever again. May God bless our country and may God bless America.

Sad news for children worldwide

On September 5th Zenit.org reports that on August 28 the European Court of Human Rights declared that access to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) must be allowed.

The court decision dealt with the Italian Law 40/2004. The case of Rosetta Costa and Walter Pavan v. Italy regarded a married couple who were both carriers of cystic fibrosis who wished to use PGD to screen their children as embryos.

Law 40, approved in 2004, prohibited PGD and also the freezing of embryos and research using embryos. A 2009 Supreme Court decision allowed the use of PGD, but only in the case of infertile couples, which is not the situation of the couple who brought the case.

The judgment, however, is not final and the Italian Government has said it will request the referral of the case before the Grand Chamber for reconsideration
Interviewed by ZENIT, Carlo Casini, the president of the Italian Pro-Life Movement, described the judgment as “superficial” and expressed the hope that it would be overturned on appeal.

Casino pointed out that to take a case before the European Court of Human Rights it is first necessary to have exhausted the judicial procedures in the country of origin. The couple in this case, however did not do this but went directly to the European court and for that reason alone their case should not have been allowed.

One of the great problems with PGD, Casini explained, is that it requires there be from nine to 12 healthy embryos. Therefore, to ensure the birth of a single embryo many other viable embryos are destroyed. “Hence, it is a programmed death of many children to have a healthy one.”

[button url=”http://www.zenit.org/article-35467?l=english” target=”_blank” size=”medium”]Read the full article on Zenit’s website[/button]


Our every prayer is with all of the future lives affected by this law. While we are hopeful that the recently passed law will in fact be overturned. Please join us in prayer for possible victims of this law.